Making a good poet’s page

Poetry is an inborn art, making a good poet’s page is the most important part though. What makes a good poet? In this post there are many areas that would make a poet to be a good poet in his/her writings.

A good poetry work comes out of a poet who would define the world through his/her subconscious eye. This comes naturally, however some would find it tedious; hence be in your own world outlook.

Secondly, a good poet should base much her/his roots on other poet’s work. You must be most certainly a voracious reader of poetry. The more you read, the more art will remain within your hand, so be a reader of poetry.

The other point is, to be a good poet is to discover your own potential, your own voice or tonality. When you have found your own voice, you will see that there will be a development of an identity. Look at the world of well-known poet’s for instance the Hughes, Longfellows, Shakespeares, Keats etc, they have their own identities.

Stop yourself the idea that a good poet has to be classical; developed in rhyme, a poet need not rhyme to be good poetry that is a major misconception. As good people say, “traditional rhyme is classic and useful and beyond beautiful, but you may find that you excel better at free verse”.

Next, don’t be confined to be a good poet. Every moment can be a good poem-every moment is an opportunity to write. Look at your world, what do you see? All those visions you see is what we call poetry, just courage them on a paper. Never get nervous on what you have written, just write and write, even if at that time you are writing it, it makes no sense to you. Always keep a pen and a writing paper, any thought that comes out jot it down. It all begins with a thought. And a good poet will later revisit his work and edit several times.

Just as any kind of sport, take yourself into practises, a good poet practises read and study closely that you feel is necessary. Read lots of other poets and them forget everything they did. Observe, feel, write, throw away, rewrite, observe, feel, rewrite such activities will contribute into a good poet. In addition to that some of the greatest poets are known for their massive a mounts of work they put into one poem, spending lots of time rewriting, correcting and refining their works. So, don’t think that you necessarily have something genius on your first go, its one of those things that takes practice and hard work if you really need to be a good poet.
A good poet will sit and think of the target audience. Choose the right audience of your particular work before it is released to the world. Some poems are written in a hardy way which will require a person who is matured in mind to converse its meaning, some poems are written in a shallow way that even a youngster can not have difficulties to find its meaning – be or find an audience really to be a good poet.

The next point to consider is a good poet will always be good at reciting his/her work a poet has to be able to recite his/her own worlds, to jam freely to music, and to name and recite the works of significant others historically.

Finally, a good poet will have an understanding of structure, prose, style: for those ones are all important tools for a poet and with any art study tends to sharpen those skills.

Remember that your poetry is your own and no one can tell you that it’s true; it has to come from your heart. As good people say “an art is in the eye of the beholder and poetry is the soul of the reader.” Poetry is personal power, personal expression, personal joy, hope, love, pain etc. poetry is what ever the poet makes it.

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Readers and You

(a) Audience in you

To begin with, your art is nothing if it is not read; at this time know your target audience. Know your audience and their needs for you have that responsibility. How do you do that? Perhaps by finding more from them. Make a wonderful research on their needs and put them in age segments- thus target audience. Bring them their humour and later enjoy their smiles.

(b) The Journey
The journey has been too long. Now it’s almost complete because you have got knowledge. You have learnt fully. Practically you have begun writing and even finished some. The poems of greater supreme power!

Now think about your break through.. Let them see you and hear your best songs. The rhythmic lines coating them in special pictures.

So, how to get yourself into self sales in poetry? Hopefully if you can consult prominent writers and gatther with them. See and understand how they do with this art you have. In this, your purpose is to gain exprience and knowledge. For instance, here in Malawi we have Malawi Writers Union (MAWU) which offers such critical lessions.
Sell yourself through the media e.g. Radio. Newspapers and magazines. Write your poetry books and make big sales in them. Eat your art. Your art in finance and you! Though there is a myth that poetry never sales just because it is hard to understand its laguage.
Have this poem down here and understand the message.

At the window, rain drives
Drizzles and drizzles glow and go
Pushing and loosing the window to and fro
And some-one asked, who is at the window?
Pushing and pushing the window and dash?

In the dark of the night free and roll
Going for the next fresh candle of the day
At the window a hand goes and more, who is at the window?
She cried and roared the mall
And forced the window and banged and go.

Poetry is an art to remember in everything. We just writer what comes in your mind, and later you come and polish it to look beautiful, just like rather shoes in black or brown sparkling polish. Here is the other example.

Behind life is so amazing, so cool
Way back grandpa breathed in graves
He took a river more to mount success
But one horn spoke to the west and rang in mutiny
The brain brave wave stormed, he reborn

Traveled on foot lots of miles by him
And remained a total new seed, so bad!
The migrated labour touched he the page
Zambia, why Zambia did that to him?

But by the river flow, he vowed never step back hills
And reface that coastal verge, the east land
But his pa, this friend of herbs he did the love
And went to motherland a thousands times
And married to Sophie Gondwe, the proposed bird

He was a tower, black of that coal in her skin
But fair was his heart in her to remember
He got that animal with her and filled him
That was his brawny, ahead were more hearts will

A polygamist with such shooting seeds’ houses
He could, from hearts dance he went in
The igneous rock of Zambian aborted styles
And chief of mines, copper belt legend police

Chief of graveyards, and paid well to his wifes
Master field mashier of beer In Lusaka city
Beer in desperations after hard work
He saw a black eye in his green forgotten end
And wrote his song of pity peace if in deepen

‘Come to me, come to me
Come to me you an orphan’
His rays of song lines to sing on

The better way in life was beer’s trials football
And washed his beheaded green age of miseries

My polygramist laid down foundation stones
He begun with nyagondwe, the first life
Next Nyauhango the assistance to the queen
Then Nyaukandawire the enforceable butterfly
And ends he perched at a blossom,
Nyamwayi lovable tour de force

He was true nonsense warrior but lover of love
And really a friend of deepest songs
That reminds me of his bravely long forsaken

He later plucked the leaf off to motherland of solo
He locked in his wonderful song with his final bird
She was certain, his paint for good real
After his first, second, third dance broken pottery

I treasure his life and take to heals of my skull bone
I lived in his grandson bag, the second born child
From his third born daughter, Emily I smiled
And from first couple of him,
Unforgettable motherhood queen

The great poems for the great people. This second one is a mare history of my grand father, however look at the lines smeared in symbols. Thus how we target audience, though it is not simple. Poetry is deep hence be deep with your marketing criterias to help achieve your goals. This art of writing needs an honour. Thanks for your commitment to reading and publishing yourself both on social media and possibly in news papers and radios. What this page is trying to emphasize is self publishing and self marketing in poetry.