Sweet Mango Tree

A movements of mango tree
A sneak coming from behind
A swift show at four ways
The tree of shades and flowers
Has fruits so bright inside
It can take you to the lake
And love you, oh my sweet tree
It’s in the summerland, a grip
Within my city it calls
So stupid it spoiled I
And raised my words
To the tree, sweet mango tree


Inside Zomba white city of memories

Running, several miles to the city
Closer, a yearning rain, drizzles on your windscreen
And have a peaceful welcome into the city
Such a cold page down the upland, sees you
Is ready, laid to have us all, we strangers
Where are we going? To the eastern region
To bring joy to Chitekesa inside phalombe’s eyes
Be, we will have the city, this ancient legend
We all smile as we eat inside Zomba pine palade
It will prepare you a bed of dreams of roses
You Surveyors, tourists and wipe all your tears,
down the mountain
Inside Zomba white city of memories

Your face our art, thus Poetry

Get off your ass and get going until you win in this art of poetry. We love to be appreciated. So, what makes you to be you?

The world is our imagination, we always think and get going, hence in this edition alot will be discussed concerning the fact that “what makes you really to be you”.

This is our world, our art world and it will encourage you to be what you have. You are going to identify what you have. And you will infer and learn other arts besides what you have, the art of writing poetry!!

This is going to unveil humour, the humour you have. The only humour that is made specially in you. So before we get going let’s know what poetry is. let’s see and hear its own rhythm, its meaning in full.

1) Poem
According to collins little gem dictionary, it is defined as an imagination piece of writing in rhythmic lines

2) Posey
The same material: similar to poem/ derives from the term poem(old fashion)

3) Poetry
The art of writing poems; beautiful or pleasing quality.

Let’s stick at ” beautiful or pleasing quality”, you have the quality in your hands. You can please humans and sparkle like a star. So, are you poised to get this art, the art of pleasing quality?

Poetry, you know, goes together with wisdom. It activates your brain and you will fly above intelligence. It can assign a new name in you, the “poet or poetus” how do you feel with that name? Achildish name as you are restoring from beauty to storing verses and lines as you recite too.

Poetry is not about any body, it’s about you alone. You hold your own feelings that you put on a piece of paper. You have your own qalities. You have the skill with you. The art of living here on earth is about writing. This art will make you a proper person, the person of a certain nature!

Having done that little space of art, here is your task. This is the poem which was written by Dalitso Bayoli

In this bliss season
hearts marry but season
That dreams and aspirations
Areality, yearned cavalcade

In our midst, beaming hope
the globe love
Emanating reason
provoking thought
the world can

Have you seen the art weaved in? What funny thing you have seen in this poem so far? Have you identified all that has been discussed above? Poets or poetus are nothing but fools of the world of painting pictures. They use such techniques like word picture, humour, mood….quite along list of them. Enjoy this world of dreamers!

This is your Art, as you roll into poetry

Have you ever wondered why poetry exists among us?
Have you ever discovered what a poem or poetry is all about? Do you know poetry details in general. Stay within your reach in this edition.

Poetry has some things that you bear to know in your mind. For instance, the magic power which aids you to see pictures that have never been printed, the magic power of music that has never been played. This often gives an impression of imagination and pushes you in the new creation, beauty, humour, sentimento place, material change or anything present in the art of the poet.

So how can you understand the poem?
The answer is just simple, there are many instruments that you need to know. In this edition you will explore and learn fully all poetic structures played in the poetry.

Before long, its simplicity comes in this way; before you learn it, the following should be the first to bulge into your mind.

Poetry has additives, down here are some of them, alined not indetails

These are words or expressions that give similarity of two or more things, e.g.
(a) Paul is Like a bronze statue
(b) She sings this song as if angels

-Rhyming words
These are words that usually are placed to the end of lines in a stanza or verse and prove the similar sounds, however they differ by their meanings. These hence creates musical sounds in the poem, e.g.
(a) He was smashed and pushed in thunders
(b) While that night was a knife and light slumbered
These two lines are rhymed and sound like the same on ends

This is the pattern of beat that has been used in the poem, e.g.
(a) By/ and low by/ and low/
(b) The city/ of Blantyre and Rome/
These have some vowels which give a certain sound. This is because they are accented.

– Personification or Metaphors
These are words or styles of equating two things without using words like: as, like, and such, e.g.
(a) Paul is a bronze statue
(b) She is an angel
You can also personalise the thing, e.g.
(a) the wind shouted at me

– Modifiers
These are words that appeal to senses and specify the way a thing can be, e.g.
(a) The broken heart
(b) In the frozen grey desert
(c) He squirmed into the sleeping bag slowly.

And many more additives cooked and spread out in the poem or art. Down here is a poem written by Nyanyire Harawa, please try out.

I remember that day
I remember the storm, the heavy clouds, the thundering
I could not see myself making it through
I thought my world will forever blue

I did not know what to do, and then I saw you
I saw that smile
I could have sworn it made me last a smile

I saw hope in that encouraging face
I felt peace in those comforting words
I slowly saw the sun come out
I truly saw the tears shine bright
And then I believe, I totally believed there is magic in a smile

Have you smile at some-one, any one today?

What is the poem exploring? All that are discussed above are in it not so? Enjoy this art!!!