Readers and You

(a) Audience in you

To begin with, your art is nothing if it is not read; at this time know your target audience. Know your audience and their needs for you have that responsibility. How do you do that? Perhaps by finding more from them. Make a wonderful research on their needs and put them in age segments- thus target audience. Bring them their humour and later enjoy their smiles.

(b) The Journey
The journey has been too long. Now it’s almost complete because you have got knowledge. You have learnt fully. Practically you have begun writing and even finished some. The poems of greater supreme power!

Now think about your break through.. Let them see you and hear your best songs. The rhythmic lines coating them in special pictures.

So, how to get yourself into self sales in poetry? Hopefully if you can consult prominent writers and gatther with them. See and understand how they do with this art you have. In this, your purpose is to gain exprience and knowledge. For instance, here in Malawi we have Malawi Writers Union (MAWU) which offers such critical lessions.
Sell yourself through the media e.g. Radio. Newspapers and magazines. Write your poetry books and make big sales in them. Eat your art. Your art in finance and you! Though there is a myth that poetry never sales just because it is hard to understand its laguage.
Have this poem down here and understand the message.

At the window, rain drives
Drizzles and drizzles glow and go
Pushing and loosing the window to and fro
And some-one asked, who is at the window?
Pushing and pushing the window and dash?

In the dark of the night free and roll
Going for the next fresh candle of the day
At the window a hand goes and more, who is at the window?
She cried and roared the mall
And forced the window and banged and go.

Poetry is an art to remember in everything. We just writer what comes in your mind, and later you come and polish it to look beautiful, just like rather shoes in black or brown sparkling polish. Here is the other example.

Behind life is so amazing, so cool
Way back grandpa breathed in graves
He took a river more to mount success
But one horn spoke to the west and rang in mutiny
The brain brave wave stormed, he reborn

Traveled on foot lots of miles by him
And remained a total new seed, so bad!
The migrated labour touched he the page
Zambia, why Zambia did that to him?

But by the river flow, he vowed never step back hills
And reface that coastal verge, the east land
But his pa, this friend of herbs he did the love
And went to motherland a thousands times
And married to Sophie Gondwe, the proposed bird

He was a tower, black of that coal in her skin
But fair was his heart in her to remember
He got that animal with her and filled him
That was his brawny, ahead were more hearts will

A polygamist with such shooting seeds’ houses
He could, from hearts dance he went in
The igneous rock of Zambian aborted styles
And chief of mines, copper belt legend police

Chief of graveyards, and paid well to his wifes
Master field mashier of beer In Lusaka city
Beer in desperations after hard work
He saw a black eye in his green forgotten end
And wrote his song of pity peace if in deepen

‘Come to me, come to me
Come to me you an orphan’
His rays of song lines to sing on

The better way in life was beer’s trials football
And washed his beheaded green age of miseries

My polygramist laid down foundation stones
He begun with nyagondwe, the first life
Next Nyauhango the assistance to the queen
Then Nyaukandawire the enforceable butterfly
And ends he perched at a blossom,
Nyamwayi lovable tour de force

He was true nonsense warrior but lover of love
And really a friend of deepest songs
That reminds me of his bravely long forsaken

He later plucked the leaf off to motherland of solo
He locked in his wonderful song with his final bird
She was certain, his paint for good real
After his first, second, third dance broken pottery

I treasure his life and take to heals of my skull bone
I lived in his grandson bag, the second born child
From his third born daughter, Emily I smiled
And from first couple of him,
Unforgettable motherhood queen

The great poems for the great people. This second one is a mare history of my grand father, however look at the lines smeared in symbols. Thus how we target audience, though it is not simple. Poetry is deep hence be deep with your marketing criterias to help achieve your goals. This art of writing needs an honour. Thanks for your commitment to reading and publishing yourself both on social media and possibly in news papers and radios. What this page is trying to emphasize is self publishing and self marketing in poetry.

The pot in your hands, enjoy your art

The humour and entertainments cough out of the hands of the creator.

You have mastered all that is needed in poetry, the lows and highs, the ups and downs. You have tried your level best to catch the bird. Now this is the time to enjoy your art.

The creator has the pot in the hands. You are going to be the creator who opens long stories, ever ending verses or beats in them. The music with its sounds of hope swelling in peoples minds. The audience then carry your hands, your hot hands- so ceramic- with humour and entertainments at this moment.

Possibly if you can do the following to please your community, only if these are your home of hope to them, can do good to them. Here are the suggestions:

a) write poems that surround people in their nature. You can write about culture. You ccan create songs in the same environment

b) Express your own feelings either in politics or developmental issues. You know your world is full of politics and science. The developmental tool is poetry

c) You can write about educative stories in rhythmic way and let young ones know their political world. The elders will do the same, absorbing your lessons and humour from the pot. Your perfect hands moulding it!

d) Tourism can be your a core of interests there by most attractive places world wide can be displayed with their motherly pleasing scenery. You can, yes you can dwell upon this and imitate people by exposing the beauty of the world: Africa and its daughter Malawi, Europe, Asia, America, you can name it.

e) You can choose the catigory of farming. By staying with farmers, and explaining their hands in crop production, animal production and educating them through rhythmic lines.

f) When you are sick you can not take the pen and scrible on apiece of paper your thoughts. Instead take the health part. You can either choose to direct patients in medicine, giving them hope and many more areas you would wish to play your songs.

g) You can take part in commerce, by writing good poetry that would speak about trades and bargains. Yes this is your world and enjoy it with your hands: your art

All in all be a critic, critise where necesary, appreciate where necessary. Be a lover of nature, understand your sorroundings, be a poet to dance on, be a poet to leave unforgettable legacy!

I hope you have heard me. Now take this and sing along with me. I am not the best, but am approaching the line, the battle line. So please try out this poem

My journey up hill I go up the hill
Here Iam here I come the son of man
Slow meanders I climb the mountain
Oh, this tower is very tall
Ha, here Iam resting more

Here I am; here I come the son of man
Slow step I biting the sand of life
Oh, the short falls are sands heap
Ha, here I am renamed ray

Here I am, here I come the son of man
Gradually Lay I on a course of actions
Up hill, oh the route seems bumpy
Ha, here I am dribbling

My journey up hill, I go up hill
Here I am, here I come the son of man
So desperate is the lion lash
Oh, tears roll up hill, un cried
Ha! Ha! Here I am cheering up top

The poem above is all about the journey to success. You meet with different situations until you succeed. Just the same with writing poetry. It is not a simple route, expect hicups along the way. Poetry is deep and as you go down the sea botton you deepen your skills too. Poetry is about yourself, the deep thing in you. Therefore those hands of the creator are our everyday smile. We smile and go!!

Recitation Ways and poetry

Most importantly the verses of the poem have to be recited. The poet is a child hence pretend to be a child who is good at keeping information in the head- “that supper hero”.

You have created it, appreciated it, and now is the moment to recite your poem by heart. This helps so much that the poet truly identifies areas that are faulty or sounds not to the intention of the writer. Down here are some of the proposed points to doing so:

-hold your breath before you start stuffing in your head
-slow your motion while you are reading now
-Go with it, the beats and rhymes, all musical sounds
-master registers in it
-number verses or stanzas and never lose its grip
-enjoy it while you do so until you have it all
-reserve it in the zones of your born computer memory and say by heart aloud using the techniques explored

Here is a task given, taken from the poem entitled “HEAR THE CRIES”

Tingle, tingle, tingle like a gong
Plunging into us all the blades at length
Dealing with us recklessly
While your chisels are doing their song

The day never pass without rolling tears
morning for our lost dears
And our friend, and our mother too
Grieves over its tots death toll
While she is left un protected by our strength

We survivors arise to plead you
We are unable to maintain our duties
Because our pools and us are few
We are your life, we are your sieve
While we cook our food under siege

Please save, save us
Stop tingling on us and replant as more
We will remain good for you and our mother soil
Our pools shall fill the pond in our shade
While we provide our nice shadow

If we sit and think about you
You do things in favour of yourself
We observe no raw to cover us
Illicit charcoal burning obsess them
Dealing with us so fast
While our dead relatives being laid by lain

As you recite what is the tone of the poem? Have you noticed all figures of speech explored in the poem? The mood and meaning, have you cuptured them? Follow all those things when reciting your poem.

Happy new year! And never forget all resolutions that you intend to make in this 2013. God bless you!

Techniques for Reading poetry aloud

Poetry is usually about wisdom. Having formed your poem, you need to appreciate it by reading it aloud. This is the best time to enjoy the music built in the poem and its rhythm and rhymes.

Reading the poem aloud will help you find its meaning and mood. These are the most important things to bring out by emphasizing its meaning and mood, avoid sing song reading so that you should not lose its beat of the rhythm constructed into the poem. Below here suggests some techniques for reading aloud the poem

-Read the poem silently for meaning and mood
-Learn the meaning and pronunciation of unfarmiliar words or expressions
-Say the poem to yourself bring out the meaning and feeling
-Bring out the natural rhythm of lines, but do not read in a sing song voice
-Say the poem to others. Speak in such away that they will understand the meaning
-See the word picture and feel the mood
You should also look for
(a) change in tone
(b) repeated words
(c) contrast
(d) words that are poet, though no word is more poetic than another word
(e) Figure of speech like

Below is the poem, try out to read it aloud.

On the time line the sky clears
Merry, merry it does in the land
Memories of the spider web cries
Falling snows in paved isles rain
Isles of water way in merry, merry

Broom are tit birds in reds
They sing merry, merry messeges
Restless whistles stand in seed beds
Falling like water drops are messengers
Footprints re-echoe and jump in merry, merry

Will the garden accept one tree
That merry, merry will hold the sounds
In the planted sheet orchard are the clips
In the merry, merry lips builds are found
The stars of carefreeness in the garden

Will the birds allow to go through the cliff
That the seated nature will overcome the greed
And hear the golded bells of lips
And fall into eternal peace within brims
Under the sweet berry of natured spurs

what is the tone or texture of the poem? Does it have anice mood? And what does it mean to the real world? Would you want to know more about poetry, use the above notes, this edition has all the quality at hand. Thus how we read the poem aloud.