Magic Discovery in Poetry

The magic of the poem is determined by the following factors
(a) Mood of the poem
(b) words used in poetry

As already stated some words are very important in creating or painting pictures, and feeling or atmosphere of the poem. Have alook at this stanza

Now that is the grimace of pain we see
We see the land that yawns in plain sea
Such fissures observed on an empty scale
such a rough snake with asharp scales
The great yawns ever seen

what are your observsations in this stanza? What is the magic being made anyway? Here is the other poem

Swift things are beautiful
swallows and dear
And lightning that falls
Bright-veined and clear
Rivers and meteors
Wind in the wheat
The strong-withered horse
The runner’s sure feet
…………by Elizabeth Coat Sworth

Take yourself in the mood again, what is the mood like? And how do you feel or what is the atmosphere of the poem? From those two examples now you can discover the magic of poetry.


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