Enhancing writing skills in poetry

Poetry has several things to think about before it is written. This follows that for a quality work to come out you need to add up or organize all elements of poetry. A poem that is not written well is hard to be appreciated. Down here are some of the points to think about as you are writing your poem.

For a start, it is very much important to generate a surge of thoughts. Poetry is based on emotions. Emotions are what make a poem. Build emotions that are relevant to the story that you want to write. Note that the story has the beginning, middle and ending. So poetry too uses that. Despite that poetry is written in verse form, and in brief. Still on the same issue, while you begin writing, write down all words and phrases that come to your mind as quickly as you can. Thus poetry.

Secondly, have an extensive research on existing literature regarding poetry. This is the basis of poetry. Take some poems from already existing books to guide your ways of success. For example how to develop tone or texture of your poem.. etc, you can emulate the styles from them.

Thirdly, think about yourself and poetry and the kind of poem or message you want to convey to the audience or readers. For instance, it can be of love, hate, adventure etc. also select the audience. The type of target audience will determine the choice of words in your poem.

Having done that now you can think of the structure of your poem: how you would like to arrange your words in the poem. Therefore choose the right structure of your poem that you are writing.

Another step is to decide which type of poems you want to write. There are many kinds of poem just as follows: sonnet (which has 14 lines), blank verse, sestina, ballad and poetry prompts, limericks, haiku etc. Though poetry is made of emotions, try to visualise which type of the poem you are writing and has to be put in the actual category. In this you should also think of the style

To make your poem more enjoyable add concrete imagery and possibly some vivid descriptions. In this section apply the technique of five senses: Sense of touch, hearing, taste, sight and smell. Besides, you can aswell use poetic devices. These will possibly add something to the meaning and landscape of your poem. If these are applied they can turn around the following.
1) Suspense of your poem story
2) Foster its meaning
3) Create cohesive events
4) Add the skyline or beauty of the story
These poetic devices are rhyme, metaphors or symbols, assonance, alliteration and repetition, but don’t over use rhyme for it’s a crime. You should include examples too.

The final step is how to finish up your work, the ending. You have developed the idea, explained it and now resist the urge to explain it. Allow the reader or listener to become engaged with the poem in developing and understanding of your experience or message. Develop a good insight of the conveyed message in the poem. Please turn your emotions into something else, something that is beautiful in the ending.

Having done with that look at your poem again, revisit it several times and remove or replace unnecessary words with nice imagery and metaphor. You can do that by
1) Listening to your poem(read out)
2) Editing
3) Sharing your work with other poets and seek comments from them.

Thus how poets do with poetry. We kill many birds with one stone in a single tree. We hit them without missing the target, such is a poet of legacy in the motherland.


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