Our Mantle, our poetry world

Our world is a foolish thing. It needs our art to prevail and walk over it, smear it down and emit magma gas. This is humour beneath crustal plates!!! Thus it moves on our mantle, our poetry world!

How to make some good reads?
There is alot to be done for a reader to appreciate your work. As such you need to stand firm with your pace to make good reads.

At this point in time I am talking about the organised work that you have done so far- the manuscript!!!!?

Writing materials and your manuscript should be around and near. Some of these materials are pencil, pen and eraser. The emphasis of having the manuscript with you is that you should be seing and feeling the weakness in your writing and compare with the other poets work. This will improve and maintain the quality of your poems. Never just copy!!

Secondly, a dictionary and relavant books are powerful resources. These will have two or more roles to play.
(a) is to guide you how to pronounce a word and observe the accented part of it which is a musical instrument in poetry.
(b) it will give you the meaning of some words that you do not know e.g. Phrasal verbs, idioms e.t.c and select proper ingredients that have been put in the poem at hand

Write down all difficult words and look up them in the mentioned books above. You can also write some pleasing verses or stanzas identified in such poetical works.

As you read make sure that the place is neat, clean, well ventilated and lit. Use hard seats to avoid sleeping during the process or losing interests of reading and concentration. Really make a good read!!

In the process, select good poems from your manuscript, and write your book(s) and finally display them to the audience. Know that your art and you are important in the inner world of their souls.

So poetry is an amazing thing too. This is how you would kill the star by your head. This is how humour and entertainments shall cough out of your hands. Those hands of the creator are our everyday smile.


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