Now a reminder!!

It is actually a good idea to remind each other on writing poetry. Following all the elements of poetry is what I mean here. Poetry is so wide but deep. It needs some one to fetch it.

When I say elements of poetry I mean a poem that is developed in stanza form, has couplets, contains mood, that has full of imagery, there is a use of metaphor and personifications, that similes are a centre stage, the poem that is symbolic- I mean that has symbols, the poem that is written in alliteration, assonance, refrain verses, onamatopoeia, repetitions and proper rhyme schemes. That’s why readers of a poem find it hard to fish its meaning easily as aresult they just come up with suggestions.

Are we the poets who can best inspire the society? Then be deep with your lines flow simply but hard inside.

We can, however, why poetry?
(a) poetry carries wisdom of yourself, its all about you and the meter you would put to the word
(b) It is not about somebody but your feelings that you put on the piece of a paper.
(c) When drafting poems used adventurous capture of thoughts; and find a glittering style
(d) When you get stuck just conference with somebody especially prominent writers(poets)
(e) grammar is the heart of poetry. Read more grammar books as you continue with this long journey.
(f) Read more about poetry, books also and never leave that spirit. Down here is a poem entitled ‘the music maker’, read it with care and develope the general idea.

He is tall, brown and thin as jeans
Who is lowly born and comes in dawn
The music and sounds he makes
Touches the base and graves
Brown daze the rhythm swells
Thin as himself and rhymes a line
Tall and taller the music grows
Until it flies and engulfs the heart

These are the simple lines I am talking about. What is the general I dea that is developed in the poem? Does it have all the elements that make a good poem? Take a serious note on this and be the poet to dance on for ever and ever in the land!!!


3 thoughts on “Now a reminder!!

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