The pot in your hands, enjoy your art

The humour and entertainments cough out of the hands of the creator.

You have mastered all that is needed in poetry, the lows and highs, the ups and downs. You have tried your level best to catch the bird. Now this is the time to enjoy your art.

The creator has the pot in the hands. You are going to be the creator who opens long stories, ever ending verses or beats in them. The music with its sounds of hope swelling in peoples minds. The audience then carry your hands, your hot hands- so ceramic- with humour and entertainments at this moment.

Possibly if you can do the following to please your community, only if these are your home of hope to them, can do good to them. Here are the suggestions:

a) write poems that surround people in their nature. You can write about culture. You ccan create songs in the same environment

b) Express your own feelings either in politics or developmental issues. You know your world is full of politics and science. The developmental tool is poetry

c) You can write about educative stories in rhythmic way and let young ones know their political world. The elders will do the same, absorbing your lessons and humour from the pot. Your perfect hands moulding it!

d) Tourism can be your a core of interests there by most attractive places world wide can be displayed with their motherly pleasing scenery. You can, yes you can dwell upon this and imitate people by exposing the beauty of the world: Africa and its daughter Malawi, Europe, Asia, America, you can name it.

e) You can choose the catigory of farming. By staying with farmers, and explaining their hands in crop production, animal production and educating them through rhythmic lines.

f) When you are sick you can not take the pen and scrible on apiece of paper your thoughts. Instead take the health part. You can either choose to direct patients in medicine, giving them hope and many more areas you would wish to play your songs.

g) You can take part in commerce, by writing good poetry that would speak about trades and bargains. Yes this is your world and enjoy it with your hands: your art

All in all be a critic, critise where necesary, appreciate where necessary. Be a lover of nature, understand your sorroundings, be a poet to dance on, be a poet to leave unforgettable legacy!

I hope you have heard me. Now take this and sing along with me. I am not the best, but am approaching the line, the battle line. So please try out this poem

My journey up hill I go up the hill
Here Iam here I come the son of man
Slow meanders I climb the mountain
Oh, this tower is very tall
Ha, here Iam resting more

Here I am; here I come the son of man
Slow step I biting the sand of life
Oh, the short falls are sands heap
Ha, here I am renamed ray

Here I am, here I come the son of man
Gradually Lay I on a course of actions
Up hill, oh the route seems bumpy
Ha, here I am dribbling

My journey up hill, I go up hill
Here I am, here I come the son of man
So desperate is the lion lash
Oh, tears roll up hill, un cried
Ha! Ha! Here I am cheering up top

The poem above is all about the journey to success. You meet with different situations until you succeed. Just the same with writing poetry. It is not a simple route, expect hicups along the way. Poetry is deep and as you go down the sea botton you deepen your skills too. Poetry is about yourself, the deep thing in you. Therefore those hands of the creator are our everyday smile. We smile and go!!


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