Your face our art, thus Poetry

Get off your ass and get going until you win in this art of poetry. We love to be appreciated. So, what makes you to be you?

The world is our imagination, we always think and get going, hence in this edition alot will be discussed concerning the fact that “what makes you really to be you”.

This is our world, our art world and it will encourage you to be what you have. You are going to identify what you have. And you will infer and learn other arts besides what you have, the art of writing poetry!!

This is going to unveil humour, the humour you have. The only humour that is made specially in you. So before we get going let’s know what poetry is. let’s see and hear its own rhythm, its meaning in full.

1) Poem
According to collins little gem dictionary, it is defined as an imagination piece of writing in rhythmic lines

2) Posey
The same material: similar to poem/ derives from the term poem(old fashion)

3) Poetry
The art of writing poems; beautiful or pleasing quality.

Let’s stick at ” beautiful or pleasing quality”, you have the quality in your hands. You can please humans and sparkle like a star. So, are you poised to get this art, the art of pleasing quality?

Poetry, you know, goes together with wisdom. It activates your brain and you will fly above intelligence. It can assign a new name in you, the “poet or poetus” how do you feel with that name? Achildish name as you are restoring from beauty to storing verses and lines as you recite too.

Poetry is not about any body, it’s about you alone. You hold your own feelings that you put on a piece of paper. You have your own qalities. You have the skill with you. The art of living here on earth is about writing. This art will make you a proper person, the person of a certain nature!

Having done that little space of art, here is your task. This is the poem which was written by Dalitso Bayoli

In this bliss season
hearts marry but season
That dreams and aspirations
Areality, yearned cavalcade

In our midst, beaming hope
the globe love
Emanating reason
provoking thought
the world can

Have you seen the art weaved in? What funny thing you have seen in this poem so far? Have you identified all that has been discussed above? Poets or poetus are nothing but fools of the world of painting pictures. They use such techniques like word picture, humour, mood….quite along list of them. Enjoy this world of dreamers!


2 thoughts on “Your face our art, thus Poetry

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