Consonant sounds and poetry

In some poems many words in a line start with the same consonant sound. Notice these lines below

-When the wind whistle blow and bound
-If nights bow, bends down with books

Look at these words: -when and whistle, -blow and bound in the first line; and- bow and bends or books in the second line.

Instead of writing that way above, poets may also choose words that sound like sound, give picture as if real picture and many areas of interests. Look at these words down here

Grimace, rumbling, plung, emitting, rat-tu-ti

Are they giving you sounds, pictures, or anything?

Find more words in this poem, which was written by Dalitso Bayoli

Where drops this scarlet tears
lies silence and questions
of lanquid anecdote
with tears and tears drops

But the hissing unmentioned
And faces brightened
Housing hearts ofsheer bruise
in verses of oppression

For their incessant misery
Our bread and butter flag
Devoid of mercy and remorse
we rip as they weep
In silent tears

What is the poem all about? Can you see those tears? Hear those sounds inwardly? Picture the pain? All sorts of things? This is the way poets do to achieve their hidden dreams!!


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