Musical Instruments in Poetry

Apoem that has no rhythm is nothing but the sounds of lines in rhymes make poetry musical too. In some of the poems sounds are repeated at the end of the lines. This creates music. The popular device for this music is “rhyme”

Rhyming words have accented sounds due to the accented vowel sounds. Because of that any sounds that follow are identical. Look at these words:


Atleast they are identical, not so? This identical sound is brought out by the accented vowels. Look again at them:


Are you hearing this accented vowel sound?

The constant sounds before the accented vowel sounds should not be the same in true rhyme. Again take the above example


Are they true rhyme? Down here there are some more examples of rhyming words. However some are not in good pair.
Cut-fat Flow-floors Port-fault
Soul-call Like-sight Dancing-singing

Let’s begin with this rhyming thing then rhythm

Pattern of rhyming words helps us to create musical sounds. This is why poems are not the same. Pattern of rhyme provides repetition sounds at the end of lines in a verse in a special way. The chapter pattern of rhyme is the one in which all tunes of lines rhymes
Look at these two musical couplets

By the time I stretch my needs (a)
By the time I take hold of that deeds (a)

It is commonly used to show pattern of rhyming in this way by using letters. Therefore, the pattern of rhyme for the above lines should be: a,a.
If the poem was a four lined stanza, every time rhymed, the pattern would be a,a,a,a
Here are more examples. Sometimes it may be as below
ab,abc,ab,abed,ababcc etc.

What you should know is whatever you say vanishes and whatever you speak has rhythm. The same with english or any language. This is because of certain syllables that are accented. Poetry is mostly using a regular pattern of rhythm. This is called a meter. Notice that the meter is the measure of regular sounds that produce rhythm in poetry. Look at this example down here

By/ and low by/ and low/
The/ city of blantyre,/ and rome/

As you can see those groups of syllables above are completely seperated by slanting lines. The slanting lines are called “feet”. In each foot there is one or more unaccented beats and anaccented beats. Down here are more examples

But’/ if you see/ at what/ rains is doing/
By/ the time/ I grabbed that/ and slumber/

Check out if these lines are properly accented. Do you notice some vowel sounds? The beat?

Here is a task given to prove that you did them all right about musical instruments.


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