Recitation Ways and poetry

Most importantly the verses of the poem have to be recited. The poet is a child hence pretend to be a child who is good at keeping information in the head- “that supper hero”.

You have created it, appreciated it, and now is the moment to recite your poem by heart. This helps so much that the poet truly identifies areas that are faulty or sounds not to the intention of the writer. Down here are some of the proposed points to doing so:

-hold your breath before you start stuffing in your head
-slow your motion while you are reading now
-Go with it, the beats and rhymes, all musical sounds
-master registers in it
-number verses or stanzas and never lose its grip
-enjoy it while you do so until you have it all
-reserve it in the zones of your born computer memory and say by heart aloud using the techniques explored

Here is a task given, taken from the poem entitled “HEAR THE CRIES”

Tingle, tingle, tingle like a gong
Plunging into us all the blades at length
Dealing with us recklessly
While your chisels are doing their song

The day never pass without rolling tears
morning for our lost dears
And our friend, and our mother too
Grieves over its tots death toll
While she is left un protected by our strength

We survivors arise to plead you
We are unable to maintain our duties
Because our pools and us are few
We are your life, we are your sieve
While we cook our food under siege

Please save, save us
Stop tingling on us and replant as more
We will remain good for you and our mother soil
Our pools shall fill the pond in our shade
While we provide our nice shadow

If we sit and think about you
You do things in favour of yourself
We observe no raw to cover us
Illicit charcoal burning obsess them
Dealing with us so fast
While our dead relatives being laid by lain

As you recite what is the tone of the poem? Have you noticed all figures of speech explored in the poem? The mood and meaning, have you cuptured them? Follow all those things when reciting your poem.

Happy new year! And never forget all resolutions that you intend to make in this 2013. God bless you!


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