Techniques for Reading poetry aloud

Poetry is usually about wisdom. Having formed your poem, you need to appreciate it by reading it aloud. This is the best time to enjoy the music built in the poem and its rhythm and rhymes.

Reading the poem aloud will help you find its meaning and mood. These are the most important things to bring out by emphasizing its meaning and mood, avoid sing song reading so that you should not lose its beat of the rhythm constructed into the poem. Below here suggests some techniques for reading aloud the poem

-Read the poem silently for meaning and mood
-Learn the meaning and pronunciation of unfarmiliar words or expressions
-Say the poem to yourself bring out the meaning and feeling
-Bring out the natural rhythm of lines, but do not read in a sing song voice
-Say the poem to others. Speak in such away that they will understand the meaning
-See the word picture and feel the mood
You should also look for
(a) change in tone
(b) repeated words
(c) contrast
(d) words that are poet, though no word is more poetic than another word
(e) Figure of speech like

Below is the poem, try out to read it aloud.

On the time line the sky clears
Merry, merry it does in the land
Memories of the spider web cries
Falling snows in paved isles rain
Isles of water way in merry, merry

Broom are tit birds in reds
They sing merry, merry messeges
Restless whistles stand in seed beds
Falling like water drops are messengers
Footprints re-echoe and jump in merry, merry

Will the garden accept one tree
That merry, merry will hold the sounds
In the planted sheet orchard are the clips
In the merry, merry lips builds are found
The stars of carefreeness in the garden

Will the birds allow to go through the cliff
That the seated nature will overcome the greed
And hear the golded bells of lips
And fall into eternal peace within brims
Under the sweet berry of natured spurs

what is the tone or texture of the poem? Does it have anice mood? And what does it mean to the real world? Would you want to know more about poetry, use the above notes, this edition has all the quality at hand. Thus how we read the poem aloud.


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