Now into music couplets and poetry

Poetry has to be successfully put in lines. But some are not, however. So couplets are two lines that rhyme. Here is an example

By the time I stretch my needs
By the time I take hold of that deeds

The lines above were really fit to be musical couplets, especially thse words on ends.


Music couplets are two successful lines in a poem that are rhymed.

Look at this verse taken from the title ” Willow and Ginkgo”

The willow is like an etching,
Fine-lined against the sky.
The ginkgo is like a crude sketch,
Hardly worthy to be signed.
………….by Eve Merriam

The verse has four lines but the type of couplets are enterlaced.
There a number of ways how poets present their poems in couplets styles, but the well known are interlaced and the normal two successful lines following each other.

Couplets are musical instruments fed in the poem. These bring out the musical characteristics put in rhymed order. You would develop a poem now, wouldn’t you? Take heed and develope yours with such musical couplets.


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