Meaning Discovery in Poetry

Poems or poetry in general is abit like puzzles; they are moving pictures that you can not easily identify their meanings. However, in this edition that is simple again. There are a number of ways of finding the meaning of the poem. Here are some of them

-Find the poem and read it closely
-Take a paper and a pen, and write all difficult words or expressions.
-When writing you should make sure that the paper is divided into two parts. One for meaning and another part for expressions or difficult words
-Think over those words or expressions by taking each at a time
– Note that the Dictionary and other reference books will help you too, since some of the words meanings will be found through them
-Having discovered the meanings of such words or expressions, now it is easy to identify what is being talked about in the poem. This is how the meaning is discovered
-Finally, fix all the registers of each picture discovered by summerising your suggestions of meaning in a prose form

Down here is apoem, have a good look at it and try out your nice luck.

This mirror of mine, this one
A brain master in such colors day by day
I call it a great mixture of blue lens
My ultra violet rays, my radiator
That drains, not drains of a ground water
With a table laid on a regulator
It does rise the master weaver to the moon
And sun gaining, not gaining its lights inside
Of the talkable intelligence loom
While nights bow, and bends down with books
And sweeps, sweeps, sweeps its loops
To be there fed, fed like a little child
The bulk container of the intermediate milds
When it lapses its mint and leak
And the master memory flips a substancial meek
And lapses, lapses its screen and gulps
Especially alittle memory set up in the gap
And relax! break! its colleague shouts
To find, bring order by command of fight
Brain, the master of coloring day by day

What is the meaning of this poem? Do as instructed above to discover its meaning. Remember that poetry is all about word picture and other additives which create the puzzle game inside.


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