Oh! There you’re at last

Oh! There you’re at last
I sing when I remember about our past
That was the time I was heart driven
When I was searching for you, my blossom

‘O’ there you’re at last
I sing when I slid in our past
That was when I was searching
 For you, my true hearken sheath’

This is new to me
I suffer strange disease
 The disease of hymn love

And I sing about you
You’re so bright, sparkling, sparkling
That you tend to be part of thee
blazing knife
Breaking my heart apart

I sing this song as I roll in moods
When you’re away
O’ this is extreme new
I need you my sweet heart
I look for you as my final kiss
Of a big hole lying last at the bottom
Of a lake of tears

When you deliberately separate yourself
All from me is lonely
Then I keep searching and ask my self
 Many unusual questions

When do you think I will go?
O’ darling
 Oh, babbie you mean great to me
And then I try to seek you
You’re not lost

There you’re at last
I sing of you when you’re found
My eyes becoming dry again
While my soul overflows with joy
 O’ babbie I love you
 I love this thy name

Paul Mwenelupembe


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