Humor Discovery in Poetry

Humor can be defined as the ability to see when something is funny and laugh at things. It may keep some-one happy by doing what he/she wants.

Some poems are written just for fun. They do not carry any important message. They are indeed set only to keep people amused that is to say laugh or walk along with it since it executes enjoyment. Below is the poem entitled Karongan Winds

Ouch, karongan winds are worse
O’ they blow from east to west
O’ they blow from south to north
Oh, they blow from ups and downs

Ouch, Karongan winds are course
O’ they move houses
O’ they move roads
Oh, they move highlands

Ouch, Karongan winds are young
O’ they have moons on their heads
O’ they have sparsely hoes in their mouths
Oh, such are indeed winds

Ouch, Karongan winds are young
O’ they swiftly catch lessons
O’ they swiftly catch fish
Oh, they swiftly get rich

O! That’s Karongan winds do
To spray and spoil the broth

The poem above is written just for fun. You can see what Karongan winds do by spoiling its broth. Isn’t this beautiful? Look at these words: ouch, Oh, Broth… Many to mention, all those words drive at humour of the poem.


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