Mood Discovery in Poetry

You can discover mood of a poem just by looking at it several times, for instance, you can read it three times very closely. And in so doing you may discover that it is joyous, restless, peaceful etc. As you continue with your analysis you interpret yourself the rhythm and other musical characteristics which create the mood of the poem. Down here is an example

When the lion roars
People run up in trees
Night birds fly
Impalas squint for a race
Courage creeps off
And squeezes in
Its truth vanishes
For fear of its claws
That tears out incisors
And canine teeth smiling
indeed, when the lion roars
Nothing exposes itself to the sun

Look again at this poem

The innocent deciduous trees
fuming at the languid sky
Pregnant with hope and expectation
To the east, their eyes.

The being evaporates
And dries
These endless tears, betraying
As a guess, fight calamities

Their innocent gaze at a distant
of solace unpacked
To this age of a tide
In stormy waters of existence
As rehearsed hymn of opia
Euphoria lingers and ridicule
wishing soon it sets
……… Dalitso Bayoli

How can you describe these two poems. Are they joyous or restless or dreamy? Read again until you discover the mood in each of the poem as above.


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