Magic Discovery in Poetry

The magic of poetry is determined by the follwing factors
(a) Mood of the poem
(b) words used in poetry

As already stated some words are very important in creating or painting pictures and feeling or atmosphere explored in the poem at hand. Look at this example

Now that is the grimace of pain we see
We see the land that yawns in plain sea
Such fissures observed on an empty scale
Such a rough snake with sharp scales
The great yawns ever seen!

What do you observe in this stanza? What is the magic being made anyway? Here is another example, make sure that you read it to yourself, taking time to enjoy the word pictures.

Bold and bold our minds renounce
jailed and jailed we feel redundant
while the deluge comes along
comes to stuff in our world of strangers
In the disturbed environment we belong
Polluted and removed its sense of
honor we strengthen
The dignity uncrowned and disowned we did
Our deluge minds we read
Deserving we are upon diseases and deaths
The deluge of unknown speed
Speeding towards our neck
This is our deluge in the pit we dug

take yourself into the mood again, what is the mood like? And how is the atmosphere or feeling of the setting? From those two examples now you can discover the magic of poetry.


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