Picture Enjoyment in Poetry

Because of words that appeal to senses, you can see the picture moving from one side to the other. These are called moving pictures in poetry. They can be black or white movie like which are created in the reader or hearer’s mind. The colour then comes out due to some additives that are put in author’s hands of art. From that point the audience can indeed feel amused with the poem at hand as those movie like pictures drive you from one side to the other; forward or backwards. Here is the example

When crippled twice in the breath
The light shines and waters the garden
So as it slides by the blade’s gadget
That fashion follows, the singer filters
Unrisen hook gets the wrath
And curls the green land
Then love graves and greases by
and smiles
Awaiting the greenage author
take the plea

you can see how life changes so easily in the green garden. Can’t you? Therefore for some one to enjoy pictures in poetry has to infer the magic and meaning of the poem.


One thought on “Picture Enjoyment in Poetry

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