Summer was here, the day of the snailing school boy
On the shoulder with smelling poles and GPS tool box
In a slow space, he jet passed near the baseless summit
As if herd of cows, he hoofed up the heel sarturating
Four great strengths but with one escorter’s lace
The tour guider of that day afternoon race
While the wind swiftly spoke in all angles
The grey day leading on a silent blades rangles
He was the talk of the town heading up like a leader band
So at once he noded at the pull of the land
He crossed the river empty between ontop next was the one
The great searchers of national TRIG pillar line
Where the wanted to seall their GPS receiving station
That’s the machine accepted the river siltation
But that hill, he gave much respect and knocked upon loops
Because his air breath lapsed, and lapsed of whoosp
He fell down just close the pillar door way
And he saw the entire horse race passing by in prairie bay

To the west the sun glared red near the district council
And to the east stood a blue cloth pencil
In the middle was an ever green eye angel
Wrapped with his best cry of breath tam-tam tassel
He slept a few minutes and nocked off again
He rose from the mighty of his stomack grain
And received a final call while on the pillow case
The pillar they remained twice darkened meal verse
That day he grabbed so hard finger nailed
On the summit they started the journey on rail
After dismantling the radio station basement
That masterpiece of that day play movement
That was a darken sky, the school boy went down
And dropped down non reversable mail of dawn


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