Music and pictures in poetry

Poets are really hard to find because they weave words like spiders. They can use a verb or a noun that you often know and build a vivid picture in your mind and take you to another level of music that has never been played in your individual self.
Have alook at this poem

Oh, you are so big and wide
O, how rocky and murky you are!
You are so young and long
Oh, you are so devil and vile
O! How dare you smile at me like that?
Oh, you are so little and rustle
Oh, how wrinkled and wicked you are!
You are so sticky and slippy
are you old and oily?
Like, o bendy and clipped road.

What makes the poem music? Is there any picture you saw while you were reading it? Re-read again. What do you see and hear?
Look at these words
-big and wide
-rocky and murky
-devil and vile

what are they trying to mean in this poem? Look for words that describe the road. Hopefully you have created the picture of how the road might look like, music being heard on the other side. That’s how poets do. They usually talk about things in nature as if they were human.
look at


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